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Texans hope to keep David Johnson on reduced salary

The Texans cut Duke Johnson on Friday. They want to keep David Johnson. Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reports the Texans and Johnson have mutual interest in the running

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Smartphones could help to prevent glaucoma blindness

Smartphones could be used to scan people’s eyes for early-warning signs of glaucoma—helping to prevent severe ocular diseases and blindness, a new study reveals. Some of the most common eye-related

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Packaged food giants push direct online sales to gauge consumer tastes

Packaged food giants including Kraft Heinz, General Mills and Kellogg are pushing sales of their products to consumers directly via their own online channels, in a quest to gather more

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GameStop’s CFO has resigned because of course he did

GameStop CFO Jim Bell has resigned, and will be leaving the video game retailer for good on March 26th. That’s just over a month from now. GameStop also announced a

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Woman explains what ’30 per cent chance of rain’ means – it’s not what you think

A woman was left stunned when she discovered what the weather app really means when it gives you the chance of rain in per cent – and it’s blowing people’s

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