Take One

Half Mag / Half Zine

When Maggie Clayton arrived home from work recently, she was stunned to find loud music blaring from her living room and what appeared to be another woman standing in the window.

Convinced her husband was up to no good, she decided to film as she went into the house to catch him in the act.

But when she walked through the front door, expecting to see another woman, she got a very big surprise – the ‘girl’ she’d spotted was actually her husband, wearing a wig and her skinny jeans, pretending to be a rock star.

She shared footage the hilarious incident on TikTok where it quickly went viral, being watched three million times.

In the video, Maggie, who lives in the US, says: “Um WTF?!? I just got home and I hear music blasting.

“Is that a f***ing girl in there?

“Tell me that’s not my husband and another girl in there.”

But when she walks in, she finds her husband and one of his pals, enjoying a spot of karaoke.

She adds: “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me. I thought you were a f***ing woman in here!!! WTF!?”

Hundreds of people commented on the video, with many sticking up for her husband.

One person proclaimed it “the greatest plot twist ever”.

Another said: “Classic case of ‘what my girl thinks I’m doing vs what I’m actually doing’.”

A third replied: “Nothing to see here, it’s just boys being boys.”

“Girl don’t kill the vibe,” joked someone else.

“Didn’t see that one coming, brilliant,” added a different user.