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Disney, NFL reach agreement on new media rights deal

Disney and the NFL were reportedly far apart in their initial conversations about a new broadcast deal, but they’ve apparently been able to bridge that gap pretty quickly. John Ourand

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New type of bone cell could reveal targets for osteoporosis treatment

Researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research have discovered a new type of bone cell that may reveal new therapeutic approaches for osteoporosis and other skeletal diseases. The new

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Taiwan says receives U.S. letter on auto chips, firms are doing what they should

Taiwan Economy Minister Wang Mei-hua said on Saturday she had received a letter from the White House on the global shortage of auto chips and Taiwanese semiconductor firms are “doing

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You can now embed Pinterest Pins in Microsoft Word and OneNote

Microsoft is now allowing Word for web and OneNote users to embed Pinterest Pins into their documents. The new feature lets Pinterest users paste a URL of any Pin into

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Woman discovers boyfriend is cheating and redecorates his house with evidence

A woman who claims to have discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her decided to teach him a lesson by redecorating his home with the evidence. TikTok user @Lovetruthink said

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